Dr Earl Henslin

Dr Earl Henslin

Dr. Earl Henslin has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He is a former part-time faculty member at the Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology at Biola University and author of six other books. He helped found Overcomers Outreach to aid churches in establishing support groups.

He is recognized as a national and international expert on the application of neuroscience to daily clinical treatment of depression, anxiety, traumatic brain injury, addictions, individual, marital and family problems. He has authored 10 books, and his two latest books ("This is Your Brain on Joy" and "This is Your Brain in Love") reflect the past 20 years of using SPECT Scans and MRI's to develop treatment strategies to help with the above-mentioned problems.

For the past fourteen years, working closely with brain imaging research pioneer Daniel G. Amen, MD. Dr. Henslin has been integrating brain imaging into the treatment of psychological, physical, and spiritual problems at his counseling practice, Henslin and Associates, a Christian counseling group in Brea, California.

Dr. Henslin for 20 years taught the Addictions and the Brain course in the APA Clinical Psychology Program at Biola University, La Mirada, CA. He has taught continuing education courses to psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. on SPECT Brain Imaging, medication/supplement management in psychotherapy. He has also consulted with drug rehabilitation centers here in southern CA and in Canada, helping programs integrate neuroscience principles into the treatment of drug, alcohol, and sexual addiction. He has appeared on hundreds of radio shows, and television programs communicating as a professional expert on matters concerning the brain and addictions.

Dr Henslin will share his extensive knowledge and research on the brain in relation to the effects of meditation to all. More information

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